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Section 4: What's Next?

Module 4 Summary

In Module 4, you learned more about the observation cycle, strategies for providing feedback to your mentee, and the essential principles of positive and corrective feedback. Intentionality is a key feature of both observations you make of your new teacher/on-the-job intern/teacher candidate and the subsequent feedback you provide.  As you reflect on Module 4 and prepare for Module 5, consider what aspects of providing effective feedback will come naturally for you and what aspects are going to require more work and learning on your part. How will you proactively plan for providing feedback that helps your mentee develop effective instructional practices?

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Select ONE of the scenarios here and take a few minutes to reflect:
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You'll see these boxes with each scenario as you scroll through the slides. You can hover to see suggested answers. 

What's Next?

Before you continue on to Module 5, take a moment to complete the form below. Scroll down to view and type directly in the form embedded on this page. After completing the email and name form fields, click "Next" to continue to the reflection section. Here you will continue to draft "A Letter to my Future Mentee" — a summative project that you will build on after each module. After completing the form below, remember to click "Submit" to save your answers. You will receive a copy of your responses via email. Please save your responses, as you will build on these reflections at the end of each online module and in any future Advanced Mentor Training (synchronous) sessions you attend. 

Click here to open the Module 4 Reflection Form in a new tab.

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