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Asynchronous Modules Overview

Asynchronous Modules Table of Contents

Expected time to complete: 10 hours (~1-2 hours per module)

Module 1: Reflective Mentoring

  • Module 1: Resources

  • Meet the Mentees

  • Section 1: A Nod to the Literature

  • Section 2: Defining Reflective Mentoring

  • Section 3: A Closer Look: Reflective Mentoring

  • Section 4: What's Next?

Module 2: Characteristics of Effective Mentors

Module 3: Co-Planning and Co-Teaching

Module 4: Providing Feedback

Module 5: Navigating Difficult Conversations

This video provides an overview of the Mentoring Virginia modules and tips on how to interact with and navigate this site. 

Below are the key terms to know as you interact with the content of these modules.

Download the Key Terms PDF or Transcript.


How to Engage with the Asynchronous Learning Modules

As you progress through the five asynchronous learning modules on this site, you should read or listen to the text on each page and interact with any media (e.g., videos, Google Slide decks, PDFs, etc.) in the order of how it appears on the page. To guide your thinking and help you prepare for the synchronous training and/or working with a future mentee, you will see various points at which you will be asked to "Pause & Reflect" or "Pause & React."


"Pause & Reflect" requires no submission of work, but you are highly encouraged to take a few minutes to record your answers in a private place, such as a journal, to reference later if needed.


"Pause & React" sections will ask you to submit your thoughts, either through an interactive, anonymous survey or by completing a handout. Some "Pause & React" sections will ask you to reflect by typing directly on a Google document or a document you download and save to your computer. This will allow you to save your responses for later reference, including documentation for licensure points and/or for subsequent trainings, such as the synchronous Advanced Mentor Training.

"Before You Begin" Surveys

Before each module, you will see a section entitled "Before You Begin." These sections are anonymous surveys designed as anticipation guides to help you make connections among your own experiences, the various ways in which you may engage in mentoring, and the content of each module. Your responses will be visible only to the creators of this training (unless otherwise stated). 


End of Module Surveys

At the end of each module, you will be prompted to complete a Google Form. You must complete all five Google Forms to receive credit for the asynchronous Essentials Mentor Training. Your responses will be visible only to the creators of this training, and you will receive an emailed copy of your responses for your records after each form submission. We encourage you to save these responses, as they will help you complete this asynchronous training and may be useful to you if you choose to engage in the synchronous Advanced Mentor Training in the future.


Site Navigation

You do not need to complete each module in one sitting. You can close your browser at any time and, when you're ready, return to the last section you completed by navigating to each module's section (under each module in the top navigation menu).  Navigate through each module by using the "Next" and "Back" buttons at the bottom of each page or go directly to each section using the top navigation. Select "Begin Modules" below to begin Module 1.

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