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Meet the Mentees

Throughout your career, school-based teacher educators may serve in a mentoring capacity wearing any number of ‘mentor’ hats for mentees who may be quite varied in terms of their mentoring needs.  For example, you may be in the role of a mentor teacher or clinical faculty working with teacher candidates (university students) in varied stages of their professional preparation – early field hours work, more intensive practicum experiences, or their capstone internship/student teaching. Or you may find that you are mentoring a teacher candidate in an internship that is ‘on the job.’ In other words, they are the teacher of record as they complete their internship. Mentors may also work with new teachers who are in their first three years of full-time teaching.   


Below are a few scenarios that you may encounter as a mentor. As you progress through the modules, you may want to think about how the content informs the varied roles mentors can play in PK-12 schools.  

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 4.28.12 PM.png

Explore the slideshow below to 'Meet the Mentees.' Navigate using the arrows in the bottom left corner, click      to view full screen, or click "Google Slides" to open in or save to your Google Drive.

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