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Section 3: Effective Feedback


Essentials of Effective Feedback

I-C-F provides a framework for establishing a purpose for coaching/mentoring conversations, but mentor teachers must also carefully consider both the content and delivery of the feedback. A trusting relationship with a mentee is essential in order for feedback to be received. Classroom teachers routinely give feedback to their students, but less frequently to adults. Fortunately, the key tenets of ‘effective’ feedback are universal. While not an exhaustive list, in general, feedback should be:



Further Reading

Bearden, K. (2018). Talk to me: Find the right words to inspire, encourage, and get things done. Dave Burgess Consulting, Incorporated.

Stenger, M. (2014, Aug 6). Five research-based tips for providing students with meaningful feedback. Edutopia

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  • Grounded in observational data; specific and data/evidence-based

  • Carefully planned and prepared prior to feedback conversations if possible

  • Provided in a timely manner

  • Goal-oriented and should focus on 1-2 tangible elements at a time. 

  • Presented carefully and empathetically

  • Framed in such a way as to begin and end with positive comments. 

  • Inclusive of the mentor and mentees and reflections

  • Consistent, varied and ongoing

Putting It All Together


Watch the sample video below of feedback conversation.  As you watch, consider the following questions:

  1. What connections can you make to the I-C-F framework? 

  2. What essentials of effective feedback did you see in action?

  3. What might you change about this feedback session? 


Pause & Reflect

Directions: Pause and reflect on what you learned. Use the questions below to guide your thinking and record your thoughts in a private place you can reference later, such as a journal.

Read the short article "The Art of Feedback" here. As you read, consider the following questions.

  • Which of the six suggestions do you think is most important?

  • Which of the six suggestions is the biggest challenge for you?

  • What is a seventh suggestion that you would add to this list?

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